Hi! Thank you for stopping by. My name is Tony.

I grew up in South Texas, moved to Phoenix, Arizona for college, and then moved back down to Texas to reside in Austin, Texas. In Phoenix I was able to indulge in delicious food and desserts I had never tasted before – sushi, gyros, Brazilian steakhouses, cheesecakes, all types of casseroles, pizza fries, even cakes made out of ice cream. While in Phoenix, I got my small taste of traveling. From Phoenix, I took road trips to Lake Havasu, Puerto Peñasco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Las Vegas, and all over Arizona. The travel bug bit me, and it felt good.

I started making bigger trips, by plane. From Phoenix, I flew out to Miami, Denver, Austin, New Orleans, and even Mexico City. The trips were unforgettable and created some special moments. But they were too expensive to be able to afford as many times as I wanted to do them. I started getting suggestions from some of my best friends and colleagues on how to save money during traveling. I took that knowledge, my own research, and used it to get amazing travel deals. This is something I wanted to share with everyone who even has a small interest in traveling. So here I am, blogging. I believe if we budget correctly, for something that we really want, it will happen.

Your imagination is your only limitation.